Tonga with Brother David Haveman

By Pastor Jason Murphy ~ November 15th, 2011. Filed under: General.

Stayed with Brother David for a few days in Tonga, met some of his church members, we arrived late to Va’vu as they were having a rain storm (Saturday).  Tonga does not fly on Sunday, so we had to stay on the “main island of Tonga” …  Everything is closed on Sunday, (was refreshing, the USA used to be like that) was a bit of a bummer because our time with the Haveman’s was shortened!

We did get to meet some great people from New Zealand (and that was an experience) but Monday when we flew into Va’vu to see David, he let me know he/we needed to go to a funeral  - so we got dressed as you can  see below.


This was the group heading to the funeral, the ladie had died from cancer, they do not have the medical assistance  we have here in the states.

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